had fun with Too Much Fun Club

cycled the Guerilla Projections trike up to St. Margarets House and joined in the Too Much Fun Club and ECC – Last Minute Live Art – A Collaboration with the Edinburgh Collage Collective. a live drawing event which St Margarets House and Tom let me set up the trike – after carrying it up 4 flights of stairs (thanks Tom) – to show some of the TMFC other live drawing events and I got to do some drawing with a bunch of very talented artists. fun night and met some ace people.

TMFC_mural_5 TMFC_mural_4 TMFC_mural_3 TMFC_mural_2 TMFC_mural_1

Edinburgh Guerilla Projections

this has been keeping me busy for the past 3 months so please check out the proof of concept movie for the Edinburgh Guerilla Projections – basically a high end projector mounted with portable power source onto a trike so images, animations and movies can be shown almost anywhere (as long as it is reasonably dark).

Big thank you to Too Much Fun Club for the movie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NjLKzN9ncVs