Tetris on the Tron

Was out playing Tetris on the side of one of the oldest and well known buildings in Edinburgh last night. In association with Guerrilla Projections and Monkey Barrel Comedy on Blair Street to promote the Retro Gaming Sunday sessions they have launched. Also some good old Donkey Kong too.

If you would like a lazy Sunday of retro games, buttery rolls and great coffee then Monkey Barrel in Blair Street is perfect.

guerrillaprojection_retrogames_monkeybarrel guerrillaprojection_tron1_26-01-17 guerrillaprojection_tron2_26-01-17 guerrillaprojection_tron3_26-01-17 guerrillaprojection_tron4_26-01-17

Leith Outdoor Gallery – fringe venue 421

today has been a busy day at Leith’s Outdoor Gallery, with a nasty clean up first thing, sun and showers, lots of lovely people and a sale. one of my pictures is heading to Poland and a new contemporary gallery, thank you Sebastian.

jason noon by shiel yule

we are also honouring a man who does not get enough recognition in Edinburgh, Ebenezer McRae. Come and visit to find out more about him . . .



the joys of running a fringe venue and the morning clean up . . . boak!

inept out of the blue

LWS_needle alley

sean the retail guru


did some live drawing in the Scottish Design Exchange at Ocean Terminal today with two other the talented artists – Seán Casey and Anna Sztromwasser

Anna is looking for a Publisher to help get her wonderful illustrations out into the wider world, with a style that is perfect for kids books – talent and beauty – I look forward to reading her first book soon.


Cultural Canons and Kickflips

Cultural Canons and Kickflips


Art and Music from the Skateboarding scene of Glasgow.
View the Art, Skate the Pool. 
07/03/14 – 21/03/14

Launch = Saturday, March 8th 8.pm. B.Y.O.B


heading to this on Saturday (8th March) to see some skating and art. some Bill Tool pieces will be there as well as my own 😉

i miss you

I miss you


final illustration for the EMB zine – NOW OUT!

if you can guess correctly how many skate logos are in the picture then I’ll send you a free tee


I’ve missed you . . .

If I could say sorry I would but all I can do is lie here and wish we’d never met. Do you remember when we first saw each other, you were so young and so full of energy it scared all of us. You picked me out  of hundreds. I couldn’t believe it, I don’t know if it was the way I looked or the way I felt but you spent a long time deciding. I knew we were made for each other and as soon as we were alone you told me as much and I tried to tell you.

You hurt me a lot in that first year, so much so I never really got over it, but it was still fun. The things you made me do were an eye opener for both of us. We went at it for 5 days solid once, you even started to bleed but you wouldn’t stop.

Eventually you got comfortable with me being around 24/7, we did everything together, breakfast, school, lunch, detention and even the toilet. You drew pictures on me and in a way I did the same to you. I remember when I hit you back for trying to kick me away, you lay there for two hours screaming at me, I’m so sorry, I never meant to hurt you.

There were better times, much better times, when it was just you and me, doing what we wanted, we were free. We travelled all over the place, you took me to see my friends in city’s far away, you took me somewhere new every weekend.

I’ll never forget those days.

I’m sorry you had to grow up, sorry you had to get a job, sorry you found that girl, sorry you wear those funny boots. I’m sorry I got old but you put me through so much in those early days.

So, here we are, you going to work for the seventh day in a row, me lying here gathering dust.

I see the way you look at me.

I know what you want to do.

Go on, touch me.

Feel my smooth belly.

Touch my rough back.

Taste the cold steel and spin my wheels.

I am your skateboard and I’ve missed you x