definition of a skateboarder

YES I am a skateboarder.

I have been researching what it “is” to be a skateboarder and have come across some interesting descriptions which I will share:

Skateboarder = Someone who rides a skateboard. Most these days do it just because it became a trend. Though some still skate for the love of skating, which happens to take great skill and the ability to get back up after fucking youreslf up.

Skateboarder = There are 2 kinds:
1. Real skater, that respects other sports (BMX, aggressive skate). Usually, these people are decent skaters.
2. Poser. These people hate “spacewasters” and “fruitbooters” to assuage there own feelings of self loathing. These people can be found sitting on top of a quarterpipe, wondering if they might get hurt trying an ollie.
Poser: OMG! That faggot fruitbooter just ground 8 feet of pipe rail (coping). What a noob!
Skateboarder: Then do it.
Poser: I will, as soon as I figure out this whole dropping in thing.

Skateboarder = real skateboarder: a person that skates for the sheer joy n love of skateboarding; gets blamed for every little piece of vandalism on the church; real skateboarders just dont give up n when they get the crap knocked out of them they get their asses back up n try it again(took me twelve tries n 2 broken wrists to drop in on a 17 foot halfpipe. i loved it!)
poser skater: 1) skateboards to be “cool”. usually start skateboarding right after they hang up their jockstraps.2) skateboards to get recognized by girls or some other kind of pussy excuse. they but a target board n think that they can automatically do a 900.
just skate man. dont pay attention to posers cuz soon they will be onto something else, like hoola hoops. relax n show em wut u got real skateboarders (u kno hoo u r) SKATE ON!!

Skateboarder = People who chose rather to go outside and have some honest fun by skateboarding, than to sit inside and try to make fun of someone using a dictionary website. And for reference I am not a poser. I am the whitest kid you’ll ever see skating down your street, nor am I a vandal unless you consider breaking a skateboard while doing a trick vandalism. Also my clothes aren’t baggy or tight they are normal fitting pants that don’t show my “butt-crack” and shirts that don’t make me look like I’m wearing bedsheets. And the only reason I have an expensive skateboard is because I worked hard and saved up for it instead of buying designer clothing.
“That skateboarder looks like he just saved 15% on his car insurance by switching to Geico.” “He must be smart.”

Skateboarder = a person who doesn’t play with balls, but uses them.
skateboarder: what did you do today
jock: kick my ball around, how bout you
skateboarder: kickflipped a 10 stair
jock: oh and i drank sum cough medicine for fun
skateboarder: you are awesome

Skateboarder = anyone who loves skateboarding and actually appreciates and tries it. As soon as you say, “im tired of skating lets do sumthing else,” you lost your title as a skateboarder. Skateboarders can be from any social group. I skate everyday and never get tired of it. That means that yes i am a skateboarder. Although sum dumbasses smoke pot and use drugs, not all skateboarders do. Not all skateboarders listen to rock either. I listen to rap music and wear loose baggy clothing. It doesnt matter if you play a team sport or not. Most people will laugh when they see a skateboarder try to do something and bust their ass. Then when asked to do it themselves they back down like pussies. To be a skateboarder you have to want to skateboard all the time. And be ready to skate at a moments notice.

Skateboarder = True Skateboarder: One who rides a skateboard for the fun of doing it. Usually they are the kids that go to skateparks and stay for hours without giving up because they want to learn a new trick.
Poser Skateboarder: One who thinks that owning a skateboard instantly makes him cool. Usually they are the ones that carry their skateboard everywhere, including school. Most of the time they wear really tight clothes and grow their hair out.
True Skateboarder: “Hey man did you see that triple kickflip?”
Poser Skateboarder: “Nah man I was flippin’ my hair”
True Skateboarder: “You should try that”
Poser Skateboarder: “Nah man I might rip these new tight jeans”

Skateboarder = a person who skates. a skateboarder shud be called a skateboarder only when they are PROFESSIONAL and not just goofy ass punks who stick a skateboard in their armpits just for the heck of being seen with a skateboard stuck in their armpits. and please avril disgraces the name of skateboarding, she is also a disgrace and a shame to the name of punk n she probably doesn’t even knw what anarchy means. she’s is just another one of those wannabe punks. real skateboarders r pretty rare but for those real skateboarders out there U GUYZ RULE

Skateboarder = Some one who has 100% more skill than a rollerblader, 100% more determination, 100% more accuracy, 100% more fitness, and just all out is 100% better than a rollerblader.A standards are 100% higher in skateboarding than rollerblading and its 100% harder than rollerblading which makes it 100% more challenging than rollerblading meaning that the sport will go 100% further than rollerblading.

Skateboarder = Someone who skateboards.Dedicated skateboarders listen to rock and punk and a little bit of thrash metal too and some old school hardcore thrash punk and punk metal.
I was a poor kid who rode a skateboard and smoked pot while other kids at my school drove beamers and mercedes and did cocaine (they later became college fags).

Skateboarder = Follower of a sport that’s been dead for over a decade, skates on decks that are way too thin, has most likely never skated a pool, or couldn’t even name some of the classic SoCal spots, all the while spending time learning complicated flashy shit while they can barely ride their boards that they most likely paid way too much for.
Commonly seen escorted off of church property because most of the skateparks were closed after Gator was sent to prison. “Birdhouse sucks!”  “Bam Margera is god.” “‘Casper Boyden’? Never heard of him. He create a move or something? ” (Also See Alan Gelfand and Steve Caballero) “Drop in? I’d rather talk trash and hurt myself in comical ways.”


So some interesting points of view on what it means to be a “skateboarder”. I must point out none of the above reflects this blogs views and I am advocating the Swiss foreign policy when it comes these discussions. If you have your own view on what it means to be a skateboarder please comment.

But as Zorlac says “shut up and skate”

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