groovy apps

Interactive Art applications for the iPhone and iPad by Scott Sona Snibbe:

– Gravilux lets you with stars.
– Bubble Harp draws bubbles around your fingertips, recording and replaying your movements.
– Antograph lets you draw with ants.

Originally created in 1997 and 1998 for galleries and museums, these programs are now available for iPhone and iPad in the iTunes store. Or maybe even ripped off and appearing at a museum near you?

very nice work – more here

4square is not safe

A friend who is super anti 4 square has been scaring me again . . .

The above screenshot was taken from Wireshark listening in on a gateway Wifi NIC to my iPhone. Take a good look at the “Authorization: Basic” line in the above screenshot – Foursquare sends my account’s username and password in plaintext over HTTP, without any encryption. They send it every time you open that Foursquare app. If anybody has access to any routers between you and foursquare, or foursquare’s DNS happens to be hijacked by anybody anywhere up your DNS chain.. or someone is setting up a public wifi intercepting foursquare HTTP requests, and you joined it… you’re screwed.