what is your cloud solution? (thanks @Mike_McGrail)

BitNami, Cloud.com and Zenoss have released the results of its 2011 Cloud Computing Outlook survey. You can request a copy of the report here.

Only 20% respondents have no plans to develop a cloud computing strategy, but there was a clear preference for using dedicated hardware instead of public cloud infrastructure. Virtualization is very popular, and the biggest benefit respondents perceive in cloud computing was hardware savings.

server in the basement or in the cloud?

Companies across the globe are engaging in what seems to be the great IT debate of this decade: cloud or on-premise? As the need for ample storage and bandwidth grows, and as businesses become more mobile, there’s a strong demand for a solution that can address these challenges. At the same time, powerful regulations often trump all other decision points. Will enterprise software be delivered in the cloud, or locally installed appliances?