Tetris on the Tron

Was out playing Tetris on the side of one of the oldest and well known buildings in Edinburgh last night. In association with Guerrilla Projections and Monkey Barrel Comedy on Blair Street to promote the Retro Gaming Sunday sessions they have launched. Also some good old Donkey Kong too.

If you would like a lazy Sunday of retro games, buttery rolls and great coffee then Monkey Barrel in Blair Street is perfect.

guerrillaprojection_retrogames_monkeybarrel guerrillaprojection_tron1_26-01-17 guerrillaprojection_tron2_26-01-17 guerrillaprojection_tron3_26-01-17 guerrillaprojection_tron4_26-01-17

Portobello Projections – sunset and stars

was out doing some guerilla projections last night – first up some great NASA footage from the space station – these are edits from crew movies shot as the space station circled the globe.

projections were shot around midnight on 8th July 2016 on an eerily deserted Portobello Promenade in Edinburgh.

Edinburgh Guerilla Projections

this has been keeping me busy for the past 3 months so please check out the proof of concept movie for the Edinburgh Guerilla Projections – basically a high end projector mounted with portable power source onto a trike so images, animations and movies can be shown almost anywhere (as long as it is reasonably dark).

Big thank you to Too Much Fun Club for the movie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NjLKzN9ncVs