Cameron the FOOL


I am unsure whether he is deserving of the time it took me to make this one? anyone who feels they have to whap their privates into a pigs mouth to ‘join the gang’ has surely already shown a poor judgement so why listen to anything he says?

OBAMA = fail?


so did Obama fail? the changes I thought would have happened have not – it seems an even scarier place to live and visit, especially if you are classed as a minority. i have fond memories of the states – as I spent parts of my youth there – but I doubt I will go back 😦

Breaking My Pelvis, That Was A Bummer

As my childhood hero (well he was one of the gang, more a Lance man tbh) and fellow skateboarder I always have time to read/listen to Tony. He is also an amazing role model – compared to say english footballers or baseball players – who has done so much for the sport but also young people. Skateboarding is still the biggest “youth” influencer which it has been practically every year for the past 20-25 years so EVERYONE out there should listen to Tony as he has more ability and influence than the whole of congress (bunch of criminals) and the commons together.

Thanks Kirsty for the blog post x

Tailor Your Sportswear

Tony Hawk’s latest interview with The Guardian is quite a good read…

Tony Hawk

Skating taught me to appreciate diversity and understand the prejudices that come along with how people look. I knew skaters with piercings and crazy hair who’d be shunned in public places. I thought that was so bizarre.

My first and only tattoo is a hawk’s head on my ankle. I had come so far in skating [Hawk was crowned world vertical skateboarding champion for 12 years in a row] and I wanted something meaningful, so it wasn’t an impulsive decision, but I did have someone get me a couple of stiff drinks first.

I was kicked out of kindergarten. I wouldn’t settle down or take naps. I didn’t discover skateboarding until much later. Most of my friends’ parents didn’t want them skating. My parents gave my friends rides to the skatepark.

Fame is not a common bond for…

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