The Establishment

“The Establishment: and how they get away with it” by Owen Jones was a long, and at times, arduous read but so interesting and educational.¬†It should be essential reading for every teenager¬†in the UK and¬†anyone else who is uncomfortable with the way society is currently heading. It helped me understand why some of the events of the last 10-20 years have happened as I was always skeptical of the reasoning put forward by¬†main stream media and western society. To try and summarize it makes me sound like a conspirator theorist so maybe read the book and get your own paranoia going.


OBEY MAY – the new Conservative slogan

OBEY theresa MAY_shielyule

OBEY MAY – the new Conservative slogan. Shout out to Shepard Fairey for the inspiration and Andre the Giant.

Came across this site while researching which I found hilarious

nicola sturgeon is just fandabidozy


during these times of uncertainty it is fandabidozy to see our feisty first minister Nicola Sturgeon “step up” as the only level headed politician, with party support, doing anything proactive towards a positive future. @NicolaSturgeon #EUref @ScotNational @Scotparl #fandabidozy