blizzard let down

was so looking forward to the full version of StarCraft 2 but Blizzard seem unable to get their servers or client download to work – 3 days of pain, Blizzard and the game still do not work. #hugeletdownblizzard.

my advice is unless you WANT to waste hours waiting on downloads that don’t work or you enjoy having to completely change your machines settings so nothing else runs then go for Blizzard games otherwise get a xbox or playstation – at least those games work.


game cat warning

Nzt Knowledge is for the few, not the herd. It is a multicoloured ladder of dreams, made by the heavenly for their own enjoyment. Dangerous to the innocent. That’s you. It cannot be bought, if someone tries to sell you it, believe me, it is fake, a pirate copy. Pirates will not bestow any knowledge, just steal your money, and bring you grief. A swarm of sadness and vipers instead of peace and knowledge. And if you don’t know what I am talking about, you shouldn’t be anywhere near Knowledge Nzt.

Your only warning. Be careful x

it has been awhile . . .

indeed it has, with two stints in RBS for my sins and a book on Scrum almost ready for public consumption, it has been a busy year.

currently back into a Drupal environment working with some talented individuals.

on the creative side I have also been churning some art which is ready to be released into the world and will be up here shortly.

Jeff Noon has been influencing my input and will flutter into anything written I churn.

the Game Cat will be visiting soon and regularly, be careful out there x