8 thoughts on “About

  1. Just saw your post RE: the demise of RTW. We’d be interested in using your comments, and getting the story out there, as we’re interested in the truth behind the whole thing. Of course we’d be happy to protect your anonimity – if you’re interested ping me an email.

    1. ah the cute bum in rollerskates – a favourite of mine too. I don’t have the photographers ID or name I am afraid. I have an archive back at home so will check when i am back.

      1. Really!!! Agghhh so excited! Yes, of course absolutely will always give credit to you for it! If you have an e-mail address I could contact you directly to show you what I am in the process of doing for my business and also send you a sample too. I will have a friend make it into a PNG and show you the final result. I promise it will not be used in a bad light or inappropriate in any way. I am so excited. Thank you! I don’t know if you can see mine in my reply but it is tennytulip@outlook.com.

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