Been awhile

With the obvious censorship on the social media platforms I am returning to good old wordpress to spout my nonsense opinions and literally dump some creative output (if it ever starts flowing again)

So it has been awhile since my last post featuring Jesus Quintana and the excellent comedy club Monkey Barrel in Edinburgh. Lots has changed in those 2 years both in my world and the big bad global community of humankind. I am in a new country doing different work without the kids (now adults) and renewed energies.

Will try and drop some regular updates here rather than ranting on social media. Some scribbles. Maybe some new writings. Definitely book reviews and tech wow’s. And most probably some rants every so often.

Hope you are surviving the current pandemic and the serf life is not bringing too much hardship? Feel free to comment or send me your thoughts, whatever they may be.

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