a guide to our future

“A Guide to Our Future” by Paul Mason – the most interesting and informative book I’ve read this year. Capitalism is dead and neoliberalism is trying to keep the status quo but the technology revolution is reshaping our notions of work and value. Change is upon us and it is not a third world war even if Hilary and the neocons push that agenda – it is the removal of that elite, that 1%. It is the intervention and weaning off of the petroleum addiction we have had for the last 70 years, opening our eyes to see that it is the simple things in life that bring happiness, not how many channels you have access to or what your latest app does.

One of the most common comments amongst the 1% is “China shows capitalism works better without democracy” – which is scary because it suggests the last 100 years of western democracy has failed and the actual desired state is a bastardised socialist state – a form of communism?

Paul Mason’s book helped me understand how we got to here, what the current agendas are in play around the world and gives an insight into where we are going. It is disturbing reading as it made me realise a chunk of my history lessons were hugely distorted and potentially lies, it shows how much we are lied to by our governments, media and institutions and shows how greed and power drive everything humans do.

Definitely worth a read if your head isn’t firmly stuck in the sand.



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