FEAR Trump

Trump the punk by Shiel Yule

ripping off mr Fairey’s Obama ‘hope’ poster from way back in 2008 – but there seems like there is very little hope left. it has been replaced with fear and lies – or maybe Hunter S’s prediction of America descending into ‘fear and loathing’ has arrived.

6 thoughts on “FEAR Trump

    1. That is great, thank you Mark.

      Interesting article too. I spent a chunk of my childhood in the states and enjoyed most of that time, it was the 80’s and things didn’t seem as crazy as now, we didn’t have the internet exposing the truth, only mainstream media propaganda. I probably will not return to the states even though I have family there, especially for the next 4 years. I have no idea which is the worst of the two evils you now have to choose between?

      Thanks again for the credit, mucho appreciated.


  1. This should be used in our marches, Including Indivisible, Move On, The Women’s march, etc. May I share this locally with credit to your work? You should be recognized, and if a group is interested, I can get them it touch.

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