keep on pushin’ – why I skate

I love this movie, it really does capture what I think skating is all about and why I Keep on Pushin’ .

The act of skateboarding is standing on a plank of wood that has four wheels attached to it – and that vehicle, apparatus, piece of sports equipment or whatever you call it has no controls, no steering wheel or brake, no safety net, no right or wrong way to ride it and, certainly has no rules.

It is individual, unique, highly skilled and most importantly . . . fun.

Just rolling down the street enjoying the feeling of controlling that plank of wood under my feet  makes me happy.

“Keep On Pushin’ is part of REDirect, a short film festival/competition that The Berrics and RED teamed up on. Showcasing twelve of the most renowned skateboarding filmmakers in the world, each filmmaker had 2 months to shoot and edit a short film about skateboarding. The contestants were kitted with all components needed to shoot on RED.”

Shot entirely on RED Epic-X Mysterium-X with a Canon 24-105 lens
Directed/Camera/Editor | Ricki Bedenbaugh (hero)
Music | Ike and Tina Turner “Keep On Pushin” Ray Barbee “Shape and Forms”
Narrated by | Ian MacKaye Recorded at the Library of Congress Washington, D.C.
Colorist | Michael Mintz for Margarita Mix Hollywood
Drivers |
Vicky Coleman
Brad Parker
Cole Mathews
Ryan Muldowney

Skateboarders in order of appearance |
Ray Barbee (hero)
Natas Kaupas (hero)
Matt Hensley (hero)
Pat Duffy
Eric Dressen (hero)
Kris Markovich (hero)
Salman Agah (hero)
Levi Brown
Stacy Lowery
Shiloh Greathouse
Chad Tim Tim
Rob Gonzalez
Danny Montoya
Collin Provost (hero)
Julian Davidson
Ryder Parker

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