Govanhill Baths – kickflips in the ladies pool


Govanhill Baths_IMAG1744_pano_1 Govanhill Baths_IMAG1762_pano_2 Govanhill Baths_IMAG1763_pano_3 Govanhill Baths_IMAG1765_space1Govanhill Baths_IMAG1768 Govanhill Baths_IMAG1769 Govanhill Baths_IMAG1770 Govanhill Baths_IMAG1771 Govanhill Baths_IMAG1772 Govanhill Baths_IMAG1773 Govanhill Baths_IMAG1774 Govanhill Baths_IMAG1775 Govanhill Baths_IMAG1776 Govanhill Baths_IMAG1777 Govanhill Baths_IMAG1778 Govanhill Baths_IMAG1780 Govanhill Baths_IMAG1781 Govanhill Baths_IMAG1782 Govanhill Baths_IMAG1783 Govanhill Baths_IMAG1784 Govanhill Baths_IMAG1785 Govanhill Baths_IMAG1786 Govanhill Baths_IMAG1787 – an amazing venue with a lovely history that deserves to be preserved.

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