swoon – dithyrambalina

Two of the available pieces feature Ice Queen, imagery featured in her installation now on view at LA MoCA’s “Art in the Streets” exhibition. Responding to the history of the site, Swoon has adhered Ice Queen prints to salvaged barge boards layered with 100’s of years old wallpaper from the 18th century Creole cottage that stood on the site where Dithyrambalina will be built.

Additionally, a Kickstarter campaign has been started to support the team of sound artists needed to build this house. This Fall they are prototyping singing walls, floorboard-operated horn sections, and percussive elements triggered by the human heartbeat. This Kickstarter campaign features two additional works of Swoon’s.

For more about this project and the artists involved please see the website www.dithyrambalina.com

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