You are being much too serious, all of you

I read an interesting exchange between a westerner view point and someone from India:

“There is too much fucking sadness in the world. That is why everyone is getting stoned all the time and putting up with the bad leaders and things they do.
If you have a chance at happiness, whatever the cost,  you should always take it”

“You are being much too serious, all of you.
I mean you are making things more difficult than they are or need to be. The facts of life are simple. In the beginning we feared everything – animals, the weather, the trees, the night – everything except each other. Now we fear each other, and almost nothing else. No one knows why anyone does anything. No-one tells the truth. No-one is happy. No-one is safe. In the face of all that is so wrong with the world, the very worst thing you can do is survive. And yet you MUST survive. It is this dilemma that makes us believe and cling to the lie that we have a soul, and that there is a god who cares about its fate. So there.”

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