Tyler Jacobson


Tyler recently graduated from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco with an MFA in Illustration. At present he is pursuing a career as a freelance illustrator and is represented by Richard Solomon and New York City. His clients include Wizards of the Coast, Fantasy Flight Games, Simon and Schuster, Texas Monthly Magazine, The Weekly Standard, The Deal. Currently, he works in oils on board and digital mediums.

One thought on “Tyler Jacobson

  1. 248… 24..An Introduction to the Philosophy of Art..what is represented action and character of form and of what is expressed feeling . The major theorists of representation form and expression — Aristotle Kant and Collingwood and their contemporary inheritors and revisers such as Walton Beardsley and Goodman — each highlight for us a particular dimension of the artistic engagement of our sense of appropriateness and as we shall see in doing so they further begin to acknowledge the interrelations of these dimensions of artistic success. Does representation centrally involve any likeness or resemblance as seems to be the case in much visual depiction between representer and represented or does it involve centrally the manipulation of syntactically structured conventional codes as in linguistic representation ?

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