branding santa

One of the better brand bibles I’ve seen, and I have seen a lot.

By the QuietRoom

We help organisations think about the language they use. We work with them to develop a brand language that connects with their customers. So whether they’re writing or talking on the phone, they stand out from the competition.We also help companies define and describe individual propositions. This can mean helping a team understand exactly what their customers need and then focusing their efforts on delivering this. Or it can mean positioning new products, or ones that have become dusty or unloved, with fresh words that bring them to life for people.

We teach people how to use language to get results.We help leaders communicate more effectively with their teams and we show them ways to engage with internal and external stakeholders. We help people write, commission and review copy that engages with the reader and talks to them on their terms.And we work with customer service teams. We help people working on the phone have conversations that leave their customers feeling valued, understood and in the hands of someone they trust. And we help people writing letters turn a customer’s complaint into an opportunity.

While we like to encourage people to do things for themselves, we don’t shy away from putting ourselves on the line and delivering things too. We write copy and make videos.

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