green arrow says no to drugs

In the early 1970’s, Dennis O’Neil and Neal Adams created the legendary Green Lantern/Green Arrow series. It was a relatively short lived collaboration, but was acclaimed for dealing with a variety of social and political issues in which Green Arrow spoke for radical change, while Green Lantern was an established liberal figure, wanting to work within existing institutions of government and law. Shortly after the Spider Man issue #96-98 LSD comic, DC decided to publish the infamous story in which the Green Arrow’s Ward and Sidekick Speedy gets addicted to Heroin. It was printed in the Green Lantern vol. 2, #85-86. Despite earning a congratulatory letter from the Mayor of New York, John Lindsay, many felt the mature topics were not for children’s eyes. Ultimately, it led to the cancellation of the book by issue #89 in 1972. It was a ground breaking event in comic book history

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