tall poppy syndrome

He (Periander) had sent a herald to Thrasybulus and inquired in what way he would best and most safely govern his city. Thrasybulus led the man who had come from Periander outside the town, and entered into a sown field. As he walked through the corn, continually asking why the messenger had come to him from Cypselus, he kept cutting off all the tallest ears of wheat which he could see, and throwing them away, until he had destroyed the best and richest part of the crop. Then, after passing through the place and speaking no word of counsel, he sent the herald away. When the herald returned to Cypselus, Periander desired to hear what counsel he brought, but the man said that Thrasybulus had given him none. the herald added that it was a strange man to whom he had been sent, a madman and a destroyer of his own possessions, telling Periander what he had seen Thrasybulus do. Periander, however, understood what had been done, and perceived that Thrasybulus had counselled him to slay those of his townsmen who were outstanding in influence or ability; with that he began to deal with his citizens in an evil manner.

tall poppy syndrome – where an individual excels and rises above others, the pack mentality is to cut them back down to size. The simplest notion being to keep everyone on an even level and to discourage arrogance or elitism, but laced with resent and, a lot of the time, jealousy. But there is a fundamental problem in the fact that by discouraging everyone from succeeding or excelling, the pack remains stagnent and motivation, ambition and achievement are seen as negative traits by those who’d wish the success on themselves.

Haters are abundant in this town, the ugly sister to TPS, hate is thrown around to purely bring others down. I see it almost everyday. Honestly I can tell you right now, I’m far from a saint, and fall into this behaviour from time to time due to being surrounded by it. No one is perfect.

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