Rise of Sturmabteilung and Trump Party’s paramilitary wing

The Sturmabteilung, literally Storm Detachment, is the Trump Party’s paramilitary wing. It will play a significant role in Adolf Trumps consolidation of power in the 2020s and 2030s and the establishment of the Trump dictatorship. Its primary purposes are providing protection for Trump rallies and assemblies, disrupting the meetings of opposing parties, fighting against any kind of opposition, causing civil disruptions and unrest, with the aim of reducing the minority populations through brutality, expulsions and death squads and intimidating liberals, non-whites, trade unionists, and, especially, Muslims.

Been awhile

With the obvious censorship on the social media platforms I am returning to good old wordpress to spout my nonsense opinions and literally dump some creative output (if it ever starts flowing again)

So it has been awhile since my last post featuring Jesus Quintana and the excellent comedy club Monkey Barrel in Edinburgh. Lots has changed in those 2 years both in my world and the big bad global community of humankind. I am in a new country doing different work without the kids (now adults) and renewed energies.

Will try and drop some regular updates here rather than ranting on social media. Some scribbles. Maybe some new writings. Definitely book reviews and tech wow’s. And most probably some rants every so often.

Hope you are surviving the current pandemic and the serf life is not bringing too much hardship? Feel free to comment or send me your thoughts, whatever they may be.


Gave blood today and apart from a slight dizzy feeling, I got a karma boost and a wee bit righteous so GIVE BLOOD everybody!

About 7% of your overall body weight comes from our blood – approximately ten pints of blood in every average adult. So when I donate a pint of blood, I have given away roughly 10% of my overall blood supply. But that single pint of blood could save 3 lives. So a good investment.

Blood circulating in your body is composed of about 55% plasma, 40% red blood cells, 4% platelets, and 1% white blood cells. It also contains metal including iron, chromium, manganese, zinc, lead, and copper. It even has small amounts of gold. About 0.2 milligrams of gold that is mostly found in the blood. Harvesting humans for gold and other precious metals – there is a sci-fi movie there.

Another interesting fact I got while draining is = large animals have slower heart rates than smaller animals i.e. the blood in their body takes longer to circulate. So a blue whale’s heart only beats 5 times per minute while humans beat closer to 75 per minute.

NHS Scotland have a groovy graphic showing the current health of our blood banks – https://www.scotblood.co.uk/about-blood/current-blood-stock-levels/ – looks like we are in some serious need of AB- and also O+ and O-

check out Zap Works

So have been learning to use Unity recently, which is an awesome program but a little complicated for what I have been trying to do. But I came across this wonderful start-up developing a Augmented/Mixed Reality platform called Zap Works. It makes the whole process of creation very easy and linking up stored files with the Zappar (think QR code) app on a mobile is straight forward and works seamlessly. For the simpler stuff I will be using this rather than Unity I think.


real world overlays – almost there thanks to Google

whether it is through Google Glasses, Magic Leap, ORA-X or a microchipped contact lens – the world will start to have a digital overlay starting this year – think Pokemon Go without having to point your phone.

I particularly like the idea of the “guide animal” steering you along your journey – mashing Indian/Aboriginal dream guides with modern tech. Love it.