FEAR is spreading

I got a nice credit for the use of my image on this blog http://marklewistaylor.net/blog/trump-too-high-a-risk-my-four-rejoinders/ by Mark Taylor. The article is an interesting read and reminded me what is behind a lot of comments, decisions and actions we all take – fear.

Recent events across the world have fed that fear and politicians are taking advantage of that. Not trying to do anything about it, because they are ultimately responsible for where the world is, the Chilcot report shows they will never be held to account for what they did or the consequences of their actions.

It would seem America has to make the choice between the lesser of two evils. Good luck.

Outdoor Gallery at Leith Walk Studios

messing around with the new trailer for Leith Walk Studios “outdoor gallery” opening on the 1st August 2016.

There is still a bunch of wall space and areas for installations if there are any visiting artists or anyone in Edinburgh that wants to contribute.

OBEY MAY – the new Conservative slogan

OBEY theresa MAY_shielyule

OBEY MAY – the new Conservative slogan. Shout out to Shepard Fairey for the inspiration and Andre the Giant.

Came across this site while researching which I found hilarious http://shop.conservatives.com/prores10628/posters.aspx

haggisacho spotted in Leith Walk – rare new pokemon


rare new pokémon GO – haggisacho – seen outside Leith Walk Studios this evening. catch it while you can.

rumors are that a new pokémon gym will be opening in August at the Leith Walk Studios – 165a Leith Walk – to compliment the festival antics and outdoor gallery.